July 21, 2024

Wizkid Super Stardom no man can change what God destined….. Sunday Aare.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Sunday Aare is a name that sends shivers down the spine due to his remarkable and foot print of his life career as Artistic Managerial Icon and popstar Wizkid Manager.

When the list of hall of fame in music industry is unveiled one of the top names is Sunday Aare. He has built a name for himself because of keeping tenaciously to the ethics of his profession and promoting the aims and objectives of the creative Industry group(CIG).

In an exclusive interview with City Express News in Surulere, Lagos, Sunday Aare said that Nigeria Celebrated pop star Wizkid is the rave sensational singer of the moment.

He noted that Ayodeji Balogun a.k.a.Wizkid superstardom is what no man can change for it has been destined by God. The young and philanthropist Wizkid is a lucky singer to see his dreams become a reality.

According to Sunday Aare, Wizkid emerged one of Africa earning artists of the moment, managing such cool headed and amiable artiste is my biggest happiness. “Working with him is a good experience. He is open hearted, transparent, creative, innovative, dynamic and friendly with figures.

The veteran social activist and experience manager said Wizkid is the toast of the moment and has a lot to offer.

“We are in competitive music business what stands Wizkid out as a singer is his simplicity of pop soulful music. He noted that Wizkid songs had touched the heart of millions of people all over the world. “His lyrics are uplifting, inspirational and resonate with people of all ages and background.

“We pray that God Almighty will keep shining his face on Wizkid for him to fulfill his dreams in life and Nigeria music throughout the world..

He advised Nigerians to watch out for the latest album of Wizkid. Aare said Wizkid is not in competition with any Musician. “I doff my hat for Wizkid for fantastic performance in his recent US tour. He has a vision and mission, it is my prayer that God Almighty makes all his wishes come into fulfillment in life. Wizkid is a man after my heart and I love him:.