July 21, 2024

Duke, Duchess is a place you can spend your next vacation…..Felix Duke.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Ambassador Felix Duke, the President of Creative Industry Group(CIG) has joined Nigerian’s Hospitality business. Legend and International Musicians and entrepreneur whose business acumen is significantly contributing to Nigeria’s economy.

The gigantic edifice Is in the heart of Lagos between Ogba, Ikeja, and Abule Egba in Lagos.

Duke and Duchess is his latest business venture. Some years back when he returned back from America he joined house estate business in Lagos.Over 50 plots of land at Lekki and Ajah Lagos you can get house and land in beautiful cheaper rate.

Ambassador Felix Duke and lovely wife.

In an exclusive interview with City Express News in his hotel, Lagos State, Ambassador Felix Duke said going to Hospitality business is to add value to the lives of Nigerian’s. “Duke and Duchess Hotel Suites and Restaurant is for the boys, youths and men who deserve the best in lives. According to Duke, if you have mansions, gold, silver, cars and the whole world without impacting lives, you have fail God the giver of life.

Ambassador Felix Duke

The Creative Industry group President has taken another bold step fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange with entertainers to change the face of hospitality in the country.

Duke and Duchess is a special place to share ideas and discuss business, it is also best bet for relaxation. It boost over 26 chalets of various sizes and specification to suit your budget and preference.

Already, a favorite holiday spot. The best place to be for a memoriable vacation. Are u planning to travel out with your lovers, friends and family due to high cost of traveling abroad, I have good news for you, you don’t need to travel abroad before you experience a memorable vacation. The swimming pool sector is set for opening today Sunday June 16th 2024.

Talking about creative industry group festival is a celebration of creativity, a platform to showcase talents

The event is coming in October. Creative industry group will be holding creative industry festival where they campaign against drug abuse among the youths in Nigeria. “My approach is quite different from the norm. I want to campaign against drug abuse and criminality.

If the future of children who are referred to as the leaders of tomorrow is not secured, if they are being abused and helpless, what does the future hold for our country?

When people are abused it creates a mental Illness. Let us secured our children to prevent them from mindless. We are going to engage the Federal, States governments and Captain of industry for the crusade against drug abuse, criminality, and social vice”

Those who have been abused will be invited to talk their mind.. The creative industry group will change their lives style.