July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

APC Gubernatorial candidate Senator Monday Okpebholo.

By:PRINCE SUNNY EBHOJAIYE…… Chief Francis Inegbeniki, a former vice-chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Edo State Chapter, and the former Esan Youths President of Edo State is a stakeholder and APC Sponsor. In an exclusive telephone interview live from Opoji Town in Esan Land of Edo State, he told City Express News the real reasons why he quit APC Party. He said some members of APC Leaders behave like Satan. We have been in the wilderness carry away by the name of Senator Monday Okpebholo, because he is a member of National Assembly.We have been begging and negotiating with the people of Edo North and Edo South Senatorial District to give us a chance at the Governorship Seat not knowing that Senator Monday Okpebholo is a bad product that cannot be marketed. Some top APC Leaders have lost their way because of materialism and money. We should say the truth, not for what we shall eat. Politicians should do the right things for the benefit of Esan Land. Senator Monday Okpebholo is not credible, competence, capable and he do not have good character. His communication is zero. He cannot address a crowd. Everything about him is not normal but fake.I discovered I was in the midst of wrong people who lack sense of belonging and failure. “I asked myself last month when I woke up from sleep and began to ask people how did I find myself in presence of failure and fools that lost their way. When God takes you out of somewhere, it is for a purpose, it might be to use you to touch lives of the state. My quitting APC Party, it is extension of the work of God to follow the right person who God has chosen. There is no doubting the fact, Dr. Asuelimhen Ighodalo is the best candidate to win Edo 2024 election. PDP have a good product. Asuelimhen Ighodalo is one man with a clear vision whose mission is to better and uplift the lot of his people both socially, economically and communication. A cursory look at his life and achievement easily depicts the character and personality of a man committed to selflessness and human welfare.After over fifteen years of efficient and dedicated service in the public sector. He therefore decided to deploy his skills and expertise to bear in private and politics.Ighodalo with such superb ability for grassroot mobilization and economic of the state Edo will be better. According to Chief Inegbeniki (Uzoya) of Esan Land, Monday Okpegholo is in the same local government area and he knows Monday more than anybody in APC. I was just managing him but he is embarrassing us everywhere, anywhere for campaign, he cannot speak good English very well. Monday Okpebholo was not tested for us to know his educational background.