July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

Edo State may soon become history. We are building on the foundation of unity and progress. Governor Godwin Obaseki said in the Holy Bible of Matthew 24:41 Jesus Christ advised his disciples to “watch and pray” so that they would “not enter into temptation” what the word of God is saying in this quoted passage is the necessity for all God’s children to walk and tread in deliberate consciousness in all we do because one single mistake is more than enough to derail us, even in a well-planned journey.

With patriotism and pragmatism, our founding father charted a course for the greatness of Edo State. Our state bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity now as never before. Some people have a fact given up on the country led by APC Party.

Edo State Governor… Obaseki

Ini the midst of challenges, it is easy to forget our unusual circumstances. We have actually been moving from one political instability to the other.

Governor Obaseki told City Express News in a Telephone Interview that it has been very difficult to plan and to build Edo state institution because of distraction and undeserved criticism.

Edo State is one of the best in Nigeria in terms of governance. We are able to pay N70,000 minimum wages salary without delay, the other states chicken out.

Edo people should be very proud of our state. We are ahead of others in the field of science and technology, education, the arts, entertainment, good road, electricity, scholarship and diplomacy, we are the best.

We can still do better while in power. PDP Party is the best option for Nigeria. APC Government has failed the country woefully. PDP would redeem Nigeria if given chance.

Governor Godwin Obaseki said Edo State need to pay attention to this advice of God because forces of darkness still hover around us as a people and state.The people of Edo State need God more than before, the coming Edo Election is going to be rough and tough for the enemies of the state.

INEC and Federal Government need to show its sincerity, respects and total commitment to democratic and ethics, human rights and rule of law plus promotion of welfare and security.

Federal Government should stay on their lane and let us stay on our lane for the peaceful election. God will not spare any person that will cause trouble during election. We do not need thuggery and violence.

He warned Senator Adams Oshiomole who is boasting to use presidency to achieve his rigging election. Generation will share in APC mistake and failure to rescue Nigeria out of poverty.

Senator Adams Oshiomole

He noted that he has gone spiritual praying for the peaceful election and hand over power to the right candidate Barrister Asuelimhen Ighodalo.

In Edo State there will be peace with Asuelimhen Ighodalo. “It will be unfair, immoral and unjust for another Bini man to succeed me”. A more united and peaceful Edo State is possible, if Asuelimhen Ighodalo become the next governor of Edo State.

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki invited former president Goodluck Jonathan, who spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the renovated Edo state Civil Service Secretarial complex. Goodluck Jonathan said he was very impressed the great work done by Obaseki. Dignitaries that turned up for the event was amazing, he urged every state Governors recruiting criminals for the purpose of unleashing them on unsuspecting public during elections.

He urged them to emulate Governor Godwin Obaseki, who is promoting intelligence and encouraging the best brains through his automatic employment to first class graduates in the state.

” I was quite pleased, in facts some governors are busy encouraging criminals because of politics, people that will rig election for them, carry ballot boxes, carry knives and cutlasses to pursue people during elections. Governor Obaseki is the best governor in Nigeria.”