July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

As the political fervour is gathering momentum towards September of 21st Edo 2024 election draw near with so much interest hingered on the Gubernatorial election. The power tussle in APC party has the opposition fallen apart and the centre cannot hold. The deputy director of APC campaign team, Prince Emmanuel odigie aka Gadaffi of politics of the state. Prince Odigie is against appointing Senator Monday Okpebholo for Gubernatorial Edo State.Any attempt for APC faction member to install or allowed senator Monday Okpebholo to represent APC party as a Gubernatorship candidate Edo 2024 will not work.He declared that APC leader will not accept Monday OKpebholo, because he marketable. OKepebholo is not good as a Governorship candidate for great APC party. Odigie has challenged senator Okepehole to come out for National Television debate, he cannot speak good English or express himself in gathering, He said Monday Okepeholo is from the same local government with him. He declared, and describe the choice of Monday Okpeholo as an aberration. The APC majority, especially integrity group would not accept senator Monday Okpeholo as the candidate to represent us. People have been calling, worried, and asking how did senator Monday Okepebholo was screened to contest for primary election. He want to know his credential and antecedent in politics. I know that Monday Okpebholo won senational district Edo central election due to senator Engr. Clifford Ordia, PDP member after two tenure as Edo central senatorial district senator, who is Monday Okpebholo, a one time attisan, panel beater. someone who left Edo State to north to live with senior brother penal beater. Esan, APC leaders did not accept Monday Okepeholo as Gubernatorial Candidate, it will be a walk for Isuelimen ighadolo to win the election. A chieftain of the All progressive congress (APC), Prince Emmanuel Odigie, from Edo Central senatorial district, and the same Local Government council with Akpakomiza senator Monday Okepeholo, he blasts APC of Edo state for handpicking senator Monday Okepeholo. The election that led to the emergence of senator Monday Okepebholo as APC’s Gubernatorial Candidate for 2024 edo state was fraud and Kangaroo election. The furious speaking administrator and commentator on national and international affairs, Odigie said during Interview with City Express News that senator Monday Okpebholo was a big mistake, a disorder from order, incompetent, embarrassment and disgraced to APC party. Odigie said APC are coming in crises within the state chapter, because of power tussle and fractionization. there are several crisis in APC. He noted that the process of selecting a leader a governor for that matter that will determine what happen to millions of people, is full of shame. The power brokers in Abuja who according to him are not necessary familiar with Edo state political terrain. Why APC may lose Edo State again. Senator Monday Okepebholo will make APC to lose Edo state. Edo state people should shine their eyes Okpebholo have nothing to offer to Edo state. everything about Monday Okpebolo is faulty and fake Odigie said Okpebholo can not even address a campaign gathering.