July 21, 2024

Who has bewitched our beloved Esan land.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Tell our younger ones what Esan land use to be and what it needs to be today” According to Chief (Sir) Tom Ikimi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, during late Gen. Sani Abacha’s Government. Esan land is civilized cosmopolitan, accommodating and blessed land.

Over 50 years of history and we have not grown to this level of a civilized community. I have a duty to tell our younger ones what Esan land needs to be today. Chief Ikimi said that he feel honoured to be nominated as one of Esan’s icons on an auspicious occasion, different awards and traditional titles

.Chief Tom Ikimi

He hailed the people of Esan land for his recognition as the Lion (Oduoma) of Esan Land. Once upon a time Esan land was the best place to live, because there was peace and security. We have long road to peace, security of lives and properties.

We are coming out with two of our brothers, Senator Monday Okpebholo and Dr. Barr. Asuelimhen Ighodalo going for a knockout election.

Some people are talking do or die election. It must not be do or die election.

Senator’s Odion Ugbesia a former Minister of Works, said Esan need to be united and live in harmony which is destination place for all of us.

The scourge of crime in Edo State especially Esan land is alarming. There seems to be no security of life, properties.Those behind the dreaded Fulani herdsmen terrorism the whole Esan land, kidnapping, armed robbery, are big threats to Esan land, the nefarious activities of criminality in Esan of Edo State should stop now to allow Esan man to be the next Governor of Edo State.

NY advise for Esan leaders is that they should embrace God, be humble in service not rule over the people when they are in government. God will soon deliver the common man from powerful people making life miserable for them. The law will take its full course, girls trafficking, yahoo yahoo, cyber crime.

The youths are involved. Their parents are encouraging them for criminalities, who does that? Young girls have taken prostitution as professional trade. Young men have take yahoo yahoo as a business who has bewitched Esan people to get to this stage?

We should blame our leaders.The day I discovered some kings or traditional rulers are in collaboration with kidnapping in Esan Land I was disappointed. It is still very fresh in my memory. Bloody day in Uromi, where some heavily armed robbers brandishing AK-47, riffles, invaded 4 banks, cutting away huge sum of money after blowing up the banks with explosive, the affected bank were union bank, unity bank, UBA bank and Zenith bank. Thursday February 24th, 2022. Would forever be remembered as a bloody day in Uromi, Esan land.

Some policemen were killed during daylight robbery account. Who has bewitched Esan land of Edo State.Esan land that was once referred to by both Bini, Afamai, Etsako and foes as the land of the free and the home of the brave is neither free nor brave. How do we find ourselves here.

Someone like Monday Okpebholo as a senator of Edo central and going for 2024 Edo election as Governor candidate of APC party. A big shane to Eaan land. Esan people has produced two professors like professor Ambrose Ali, and professor Osunbor as former Governor of Edo State. “Who brought Monday Okpebholo? Who has bewitched Esan?”