July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

A chieftain of the all progressive congress (APC) High Chief Friday Ibadin, a Retired Commissioner of Police and Legal Practitioner believes that APC party would win the 2024 gubernatorial election. Okpebholo is from Uwesan Udomi in Irrua of Edo State Ibadin wants Edo to see the party’s Standard bearer, Senator Monday Okpebholo as the answer and solution to the problem of the state. According to Friday Ibadin, Senator Monday Okpebholo aka (Akpakomiza) saw the worsening of the situation and the apparent inability of those in government saddled with the responsibility of leadership to proper solution, interest as the serving member of national assembly, a senator of federal republic of Nigeria as a prelude towards the primary objectives of attaining political power, he defeated senator Engr Clifford Ordia of the PDP. Senator Okpebholo, a true democrat whose approach is both human and conciliatory. Senator is a man of peace who patience looks to the future with courage and hope. CP Friday Ibadin (RTD) noted what the young senator experience in National Assembly has prepared him sufficiently for the required government election.

His relationship with everyone in the Senate Chambers was cordial and without fuss Senator Okpebholo exhibited a calm personality among his peers and had no time to indulge in horse play during senate chamber meeting. He was not the noisy or loquacious type. What I liked about Okpebholo cheerful comportment, cool composure and humble disposition at all times, despite the grueling nature of senate meeting. I now realize that these are key elements of his ability to face challenges as a man who knows much senator Okpebholo.

This revelation may come as a surprise to many people that know nothing about him. Senator Monday Okpebholo will win Edo 2024 election. Not because of APC party, the grace of God is upon him. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” Senator Okpebholo is an ordained prophet of God from birth. No one can stop him if he means to do something. Let watch him, how he is going to win the election.