July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Dr (Barr.) Asuelimhen Ighodalo is the PDP candidate for Edo 2024 Governorship Election race. The tall and pleasant dark looking is oiling his strategies and machinery.

A hardworking, focused, honest, compassionate, intelligent, brilliant, vibrant and God fearing man to the core. His plan is to win Edo 2024 election by the Grace of God.

Ighodalo’s unwavering commitment to the good of the people is largely evident in the positive direction to economically, socially and politically transform economic and infrastructural policies of Edo State.

In an exclusive interview with City Express News from Benin City PDP headquarter in Edo state, Ighadalo said his vision and mission with God’s Grace and mercy the battle For Edo 2024 election is lost and won by me already considering the level of our campaign and preparation towards the Edo 2024 election.

According to Asue Ighodalo, he noted that he is the man to wear the crown. Dr Asuelimhen Ighodalo a well-travelled political leader and a good manager of human resources in spite of the daily political altercations, misunderstandings here and there, and despite the political crisis emanating from those who defected from PDP to APC party, I am still going to be the winner of the election.

By nature a quiet but charming personality endowed with a quick intellect and vivacious disposition in it search for a lasting political legacy.

Edo has gone through the hands politicians of different and native intelligence. Ighadalo is a visionary charismatic leader who believes so much in equity and justice.He has a very soft spot for any one in need and never hesitates to connect a person to any source that will excel once a person’s intention is genuine.

Ighadalo has built his business and social network to the level, since the democratic dispensation. A discipline and committed man who recorded milestone achievement for past Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomole and the current Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

“I have much to offers to Edo state that is why I can take a bullet for my people with the power of grace and mercy.Edo is a goal!