July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

Jerry Oshodin, president of Edo’s voicing for Asue Ighodalo/Ogie Lagos Chapter, has urged every Edo People to support DR Asuelimhen Ighodalo and Ogie for Edo 2024 Governorship election.

The trio of president, Mr. Jerry Oshodin, assistant secretary Kelly Aigbedon, and Treasurer Mr. Sunrise Osagie of the concerned citizens of Edo’s Voicing for Asue Ighodalo/Ogie, said that they are going to storm Edo State to campaign for the PDP candidate.

The Lagos State based Edo’s voicing for Asue Ighodalo/Ogie told City Express News in an exclusive interview at Duke, Duchess Hotel and suites at Abule-Egba in Lagos State, that the group has endorsed Asuelimhen Ighodalo/Ogie for Governorship for Edo 2024.

According to Jerry Oshodin the endorsement and mobilization for Asue Ighodalo and his running mate Ogie is to mobilize and support them to win Edo 2024 election.

The Edo’s Voicing for Asue Ighodalo/Ogie has demonstrated interest and zeal to vote for Ighodalo and Ogie.

Mr. Oshodin who has the leadership experience, noted that Dr. Asue Ighodalo and Ogie are a perfect match to win the election. “Esan has been marginalized by the past leaders of Edo State.’ he said.

City Express News gathered that the amiable Governor Godwin Obaseki endorsed Asue Ighodalo due to his intellectual, socially and political antecedent for the present Government. The Ewohimi man who is the president of Edo’s voicing for Asue Ighodalo/Ogie said the political bond between Esan, Bini, Afemai, Etsako and others Edolities ethnic groups made them to join hands together to mobilize for PDP and the candidate for Edo 2024 election.

The endorsement was the highpoint of the epoch making event at Duke, Duchess Hotel and Suites located at No 10/10a, Otunba Gbenga Faseun Lane, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

“As for Mr. Jerry Oshodin, they have sought God’s face and got assurance that Dr. Asue Ighodalo is without doubt the right man for the Edo Gubernatorial Governor.” Prominent men and women from Edo State Lagos based, attended the event to form political think-thank support group.

Among them is Ambassador Felix Duke Osagie, who is the owner of Duke, Duchess Hotel and Suites, Fidelis Ekhomhen.

Itaman Sunny, Victor Okotor, Sunday Momoh, Okojie Peter and host of others.