July 21, 2024


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has promised to rig the election for APC. You know me well and Adams Oshiomole well? I shall bring back Edo State to APC as president of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This was during public campaign rally air on national TV.Do you want Edo back? I promised you that Edo is going to be beautiful like Lagos, I assured of winning Edo back as the president of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Speaking to City Express News in an exclusive interview in Edo house Benin City on Friday 28th June, 2024, Governor Godwin Obaseki said that “I have said repeatedly and even said it today that, if President Bola Ahmed Tinubu continues his threat to rig Edo election, there may be no election on September 21st, 2024.

“Edo can’t beg anybody and I will not beg Tinubu not rig Edo 2024.”

Governor Godwin Obaseki, said President Bola Tinubu has threat to rig Edo 2024 election in favour of APC will not work.”

President Tinubu is free to do the rigging but I am not bothered. Edo PDP will win the election.

President Tinubu threat to rig the election will not determine the result of the election. But none of this threat will stop me”. Nothing is impossible, when you make up your mind to win, God will back you up in the right way not the wrong way.” Edo electorate have to play their path and pray and we must work and don’t be distracted with Bola Tinubu threat.

According to Governor Obaseki, with hard work, holiness, and humility, you can’t be stopped from getting to the top. Favor makes you stand out.

The supernatural grace of God will make PDP to win the election. Edo state is not like Lagos State whereby his words are unquestionable. Edo people will not recognize President Tinubu when the election comes. “Edo is the heartbeat of the nation”. Lagos is for show and Edo is true action of the people. This is the second time he is making public statement to win Edo state by force, by fire for APC. The first time was when he was not yet a president, when he came to Edo to campaign during presidential election 2023.

President Bola Tinubu is not supposed to be meddling into the affairs of other states and needs to mind his business and face the big problems in the country as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Governor Obaseki asked president to stop his interference in Edo State affairs. This is a bully from Mr. President to publicly threaten people of Edo State, that he is going to rig the election and nothing will happen.

Governor Obaseki, has asked president Tinubu to apologize to the people of Edo State. He has betrayed the entire Nigeria for what he has said. How can a president of Nigeria come out in open campaign ground and promised APC Party that he is going to win Edo 2024 election for them. Do you call this Democracy Government?

President Tinubu should apologize to Edo people for his unguided statement. “Let him come to Edo state by himself during the election and see Edo people in action. “Edo not be Lagos, we stand”.

According to Obaseki in the year 2020, the people of Edo State united to assert their Democratic Rights, resisting all the attempts to undermine their mandate. Now the same Edo State are once again stand even more resolute, ready to thwart any manipulation by the president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration in the forthcoming election.

The people of Edo state has assure President Tinubu that Edo State election is not going to be a tea Party. President Tinubu has the opportunity to ensure a free and fair election process.

The people of Edo state are more than prepared to exercise their democratic Rights to vote and defend their votes for their choices. As for Governor Obaseki and Asue Ighodalo/Ogie and people of Edo state, nobody can silence their voices.

The people have resolved to stand and face anybody that will come to Edo to carry ballot boxes. Our resolve is unwavering, Edo State not be Lagos. The die is cast history is about to repeat itself.