July 21, 2024

Dr. Asue Ighodalo: A Visionary, Competent, and Integrity-Driven Candidate for Edo State

By Hon. Louis Imhandegbelo

In the gubernatorial race for Edo State, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, has emerged as a frontrunner with an unprecedented level of popularity and acceptance. This phenomenon is attributed to his exceptional blend of vision, competence, integrity, and a warm and approachable personality.Dr. Ighodalo possesses a clearly defined vision for Edo State, which he articulates with clarity and conviction. His strategic thinking and infectious passion for development have resonated deeply with the electorate. His willingness to drive the state’s progress is evident in his detailed plans and his track record of success in both the private and public sectors.With his extensive experience as chairman of multiple corporate organizations, membership on various boards, and involvement in state governance through the Alaghodaro initiative, Dr. Ighodalo is well-equipped to lead Edo State. His global exposure and established connections will also serve the state well.Beyond his professional credentials, Dr. Ighodalo is known for his charisma, accessibility, and genuine care for all Edolites, especially the youth and women. His strong upbringing, with a mother who served as Nigeria’s first female permanent secretary and a brother who is a renowned pastor, has instilled in him qualities such as humility, confidence, and respect for tradition.Concerns regarding Dr. Ighodalo’s political experience have been effectively addressed through the recognition that boardroom politics is a demanding arena that requires adept negotiation and strategy. His combination of corporate and partisan experiences makes him uniquely qualified to navigate the complexities of governance.

Dr. Ighodalo’s vision for Edo State encompasses key priorities such as fostering responsible leadership and followership through education, enhancing security for economic growth and stability, and maximizing revenue generation through trustworthy and accountable governance. He understands the challenges facing the state and has developed concrete solutions to address them.Furthermore, Dr. Ighodalo’s candidacy aligns with the principle of fairness, equity, and justice for Edo State. Edo Central Senatorial District, where Dr. Ighodalo hails from, has held the governorship for only 18 months in the past 24 years. As an Edolite, it is essential to prioritize competence alongside zoning.In conclusion, Dr. Asue Ighodalo embodies the vision, competence, integrity, and empathy necessary to lead Edo State into a prosperous and inclusive future. His popularity and support are testament to the electorate’s recognition that he is the “Solid Gold” candidate they deserve.