July 21, 2024

Why Ogun Communities prefer ACP Muhammed Sanni.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

There are several reasons why Sango Ota people in Ogun state prefer ACP Muhammed Sani, as Area Commander in Ogun State.

According to a survey conducted by City Express News. Many Sango Ota Communities prefer him to many of the past area commanders, because of his hardwork, rugged, fearlessness, outspokenness and objectives commentaries on national and police issues.

He has been renovating and developing Sango Ota Police Command in Ogun State more than the past area commanders. ACP Muhammed Sani came to Sango Ota saw and conquered. To show that men of the Nigerian police force is not known for arresting, prosecution and granting bails alone, they are also known for building houses.

This we can see recently when ACP Muhammed Sani, the Area Commander of Sango, Ota, with his able officers started the reconstructing building and completed it with amazing digital offices.

According to the Area Commander, the idea is a result of him seeing his men sharing offices and even some using their cars as offices.

Following the Inspector General of Police objectives in terms of crime reduction, he decided to kick start the building with his two months salaries. He made sure the building is completed: and those who joined me are all history maker.

Inspector General of Police

Thee Area Commander reconstructed the building in Sango Ota and it was commissioned by the Commissioner of Police, CP. Abiodun Alamatu Ogun State. This will no doubt go down as an epoch-making event which will remain indelible in the hearts of the peopl for a long time to come.

“My little contribution to Nigeria Police Force and people of Ogun State is a plethora of legacy project of a life committed to service and a demonstration to bequeath befitting legacies to the state and people of Ogun State.”

His unassuming nature serving as the helmsman of Area Command, Sango, Ota, Ogun State is commendable. He is an indefatigable and charismatic law enforcer.

ACP Sani is ready to serve, ready to deliver and ever battle ready. ACP Sani as accommodating as he abhors criminality and is ever hesitate to unleash on criminals who dares Sango Community.